Rust-Killer Kitchen Sponge

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The Rust-Killer Kitchen Sponge is a powerful sponge that you must have in the kitchen for easy cleaning. With the new nano-technology and the emery material, it helps remove any rust or dirt in seconds. It is fast & easy.

It is made of an easy-grip handle with replaceable design. You can replace the old sponge easily. It is also standable which allows quick drying. The sponge can be used to clean stubborn rust, polish cutleries or other kitchen tools effectively. Let's get this great helper now!  


  • Remove Rust Perfectly: The sponge can remove stubborn rust on stainless steel cookwares perfectly to restore a new look. 

  • Replaceable Sponge: There is a replaceable design. You can replace the old sponge to make it more durable.

  • Quick Dry: The sponge is standable that allows faster water flow and quick drying. 

  • Durable Material: It is made of durable PP plastic, an easy-grip handle and durable emery sponge for fast & effective cleaning. 

  • Multi-Purposes Cleaning: Other than removing rust on cookwares, the sponge can be used to polish cutleries, clean chopping board or get rid of other dirts

  • Material: PP Plastic / Emery
  • Size: 5.8cm X 7.4cm X 9.9cm
  • Color: White / Grey / Brown



  • 1 x  Rust-Killer Kitchen Sponge