Remote Control Snake Toy

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Get ready to be amazed by the realistic motion of this remote control snake.

Prank your friends, family, colleagues or even your dogs/cats by driving this scary snake across the floor, and watch it swiftly slither with its retractable tongue and swinging tail! This awfully realistic snake can quickly clear a room.

This is the favorite toy of children, pets and people who loves to make jokes.


  • Super realistic and fast moving snake
  • Retractable tongue and swinging tail
  • 3 Different Frequencies available for play
  • Segmented body for excellent slithering action
  • Use the egg controller to turn it left or right—but you'd better be quick! 


      • Material: Plastic
      • Dimensions: Length: 38 cm (14.96 inch)
      • Controller Battery: 3 x AG13 button-cell batteries
      • Snake charging method: USB charging


        • 1 x Remote Control Snake Toy
        • 1 x Egg controller (3 button-cell batteries included)
        • 1 x USB cable