Premium Magnetic Car Phone Mount

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Premium Magnetic Car Phone Mount securely holds your devices by magnetic force, ensuring you a safe driving with hands-free mobile control. It features reinforced neodymium magnets to perform 20X stronger than normal magnets. Never drop your luxurious gadgets.With 4-Axis, 360° degree adjustable head with enhanced soft touch rubber lock-nut for secure positioning and optimal viewing from almost any angle.


  • Ensure Safe Driving
    Securely holds your cell phone in place on the dashboard or windshield even on bumpy roads.
  • 20X Magnetic Force
    Engineered with reinforced neodymium magnets, which is 20X stronger than normal magnets. Strong enough to hold smartphones and even tablets.

  • 360° Adjustable Angle
    Rotate your smartphone and swivel your display with the rotatable ball joint to set a desired viewing angle.

  • Show Full Display
    Provides border-free phone display by holding your phone with the use of magnet behind.
  • Flexible Silicone Base
    Bendable Silicone gel pad securely mounts on windshield or dashboard. Even works on curvy surfaces.
  • Stable Network Signals
    Guarantees to remain stable GPS/ internet signals without magnetic interference.
  • Universal
    Perfectly fits all types of smartphones even with thick cases.

  • No Damage to Surface
    The protection film and prevents from damaging your device or dashboard.


    1. Clean the target spot and the bottom side of the phone mount with alcohol wipes and wait until they are completely dry.
    2. Peel off 3M adhesive pad and stick it to the bottom of the phone mount.
    3. Peel off the other side of the 3M adhesive pad.
    4. Press the base mount on the area and hold for 30 seconds.
    5. Put the protective film on your phone and make sure there is no bubble.
    6. Stick the metal plate on the film. (If you have a phone case then you can put your back after this step)
    7. Wait ~48 hours before using it for the best result.


    • Material: ABS, Silicone, Neodymium magnets

    • 1 x Premium Magnetic Car Phone Mount
    • 2 x 3M Adhesive Tape
    • 2 x Metal Plate [1 x Round + 1 x Rectangle] 
    • 2 x Transparent Protective Film 
    • 1 x Alcohol Cleaning Wipes