Silicone Hair Tie

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Your lovely ponytail always comes loose? Ponyup™ Silicone Hair Tie is yet the best simple hack that prevents ponytail or any hairstyle from sagging or messing up, while volumizing your ponytail with a natural look.

Our hair tie is made of solid copper core which is easy to bend into any shape and it stays tightly in any hair type for the whole day! Not just long lasting- it never made any crease or damage to your silky hair with soft silicone coating. Will it work for my thin hair?

Yes. It works for  any hair type including fine, thin, thick, curly and straight hair. 

 Can it hold my hair while exercising?

Yes. The copper core stays its shape all day, which tightly grip your hair even during workout, swimming and any intense movement. Also silicone coating is waterproof and anti-slip.

 Will it possible to be too tight?

No. It holds your hair without pinching or pulling, and will not crease your hair. Also the tightness is adjustable as it is easy to bend and transform back to a strip.


  • Volumize your Hair
    The malleable design makes ponytails look lifted and fuller. Never let your ponytail look too neat and dull!

  • Comfortable to Wear
    Soft silicone coating and little pillows inside help grip your hair without pinching or pulling, and will not crease your hair. 
  • Stay All Day Long
    Made of solid copper core which creates a strong hold when you shape it. The copper is malleable and easy to bend, yet strong enough to stay put without creasing hair.

  • Long Lasting
    Copper lasts longer and is durable up to 500-600 uses.
  • For Any Hair Type
    It stays in any hair type! 
  • Waterproof & Non-slip
    Perfect for workout, swimming and any intense movement.
  • Access to Countless Styles!
    Perfect for any hair style including ponytail, half-up, bun, braids, french roll and more.

  • Material: Silicone, solid copper (core)
  • Color: Black, beige, brown
  • 1 or 3 x Ponyup™ Silicone Hair Tie