Natural Individual Eyelashes Extension Kit

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Individual Eyelash Kit is a one time purchase which includes everything for creating the most luxuriously FULL but NATURAL lash extensions.

Simply pick and glue to create salon quality silk lashes without professional skill. Freely control the volume of eyelashes to create different lash styles - natural, wispy intense or even dramaticLightweight, soft and slight curly - Designed to seamlessly blend with your real lashes, creating natural eyelashes look. Can be either worn up to 6 weeks at a time or reapply daily to change eyelash styles!


  • Natural Look
    Lightweight and slightly curly which seamlessly blend with your real lashes,creating natural eyelashes look.

  • Customize your Eyelashes Styles!
    Free to control the volume of eyelashes to create different styles- natural, wispy intense or even dramatic!

  • Knot-free Eyelashes
    Made of A-Class silk which is comfortable to wear all day long without getting knots.
  • Long Lasting Extension
    Can be worn for up to 6 weeks at a time.
  • Easy to Apply
    Easy to pick from the strips and glue on. The curl of lashes are not easily to deform when picked up by eyelashes clip.

  • Traceless Glue
    Our lash glue does not clump - it dries up in 1-2 seconds & turns transparent without leaving any trace.

  • Hypoallergenic
    Ultra soft without casing allergy to the area around eyes. 
  • Waterproof


  • Material: A-Class Silk
  • Net Content (Glue): 15ml


      • 1 x Natural Individual Eyelashes Extension Set (56PCS)
      • 1 x Eyelashes Glue
      • 1 x Eyelashes Clip