Multi-skills Hedgehog Toy

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The Multi-skills Hedgehog Toy is a cute and fun hedgehog that helps kids build up their fine motor skills and hand muscle coordination by placing various quills back on the hedgehog’s back.

On top of that, the hedgehog also lets kids learn about counting, sorting and color classification skills. It is perfect for leaning multi-skills at a time. The hedgehog is made of non-toxic plastic and it is easy for storage. Let’s get it for your kids NOW!


  • Easy To Grab: The hedgehog size is perfect for small hands. By doing the grab and place action, can train up kid's fine motor skills and muscle coordination

  • Counting Skills Training: There are numbers on the hedgehog's back where kids can learn numbers, sequences, and counting skills

  • Color Classification: The quills are made of multiple colors that kids can identify various colors while playing.

  • Arrangement Skills: By placing the quills in orders, kids can learn the arrangement skills.

  • Easy To Store: It is small in size and easy to store. There is a lid on the hedgehog's back and just put the quills back in.

  • Material: Quality plastic
  • Size: 19cm x 15cm x 9.5cm


  • 1 x  Multi-skills Hedgehog Toy