Magnetic Cat Eye Nail Art Kit

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The Magnetic Cat Eye Nail Art Kit helps you create fancy and stylish nails in a fun and easy way! With the magnetic art pen, you can create multiple special patterns in just few seconds.

It is made of high-quality nail gel which can dry quickly under the UV light. Also, it is long-lasting that can hold for weeks without peeling off. Can't wait to have this magic nail polish kit? Let's order now and make your nails shine~


  • Fancy Cat-Eye Style: The nail gel has a special substance that will have magnetic reaction, it helps create fancy cat-eye gradient style

  • Easy To Use: It is simple and easy to use, just apply as normal nail gel.

  • Quick Drying Gel: It is made of high quality material that can dry quickly under UV light.

  • Long-lasting: The nail polish gel is long lasting that can keep your fingers shine for weeks without peeling off. 

  • Wide Variations: You can create millions of nail variations with your creative mind! There are 6 colors in total, just create your own style.

  • Material: Nail Gel
  • Volume: 5ml/color
  • Color: Green / Blue / Purple / Pink / Orange / Red


  • 1 x Cat eye nail (single) OR
    1 x Magnetic Art Pen OR
    1 x ALL 6 colors + Pen