GlamMe™ Brow Styling Soap

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Brow soap is popularly introduced by makeup artists and influencers🌟  Let's join to shape & SET YOUR BROWS IN PLACE with FULLER, NATURAL LOOK using GlamMe 💖   💖

GlamMe comes with a brow styling soap & a delicate brow brush for perfectly groomed brows. Using brow soap is always a popular makeup trend which offers a lot more benefits than brow gels - lower cost, stronger hold and more natural.

Just apply the soap and brush your brow hair with desired directions to customize brow shapes - no matter you want to create high arched, S-shaped, straight, soft angled or even round brows. 

The end result is similar brushed up eyebrowsleaving you with an instantly  full, fluffy brows. Plus this beautifully styled brows stay all day long with extra hold - Never wear melting/ fading brow gel!


  • Natural and Full
    Great for brow shaping, taming unruly brows, boosting brow colour & even volume visually by a few brushing strokes! It either fills sparse brows for a fuller look, or neatly combs bushy brows for perfect shape.

  • Extra Staying Power 
    Set brows in place all day long without any sticky, uncomfortable feeling. Stay much firmer comparing with normal brow gels.
  • Rotatable Brush Angle
    Able to adjust angle for easier control.

  • Flawless Result
    GlamMe is colorless and odorless, creating a transparent coating to set your brows in place. You can still see real brows without "blocking" them under brows gel, making a 3D, natural brows look.

  • Promote Brow Hair Growth
    With organic and natural formula, GlamMe nourishes and conditions your brows to further promote healthy hair growth. Never cause any irritation.
  • Design Any Brow Shapes
    Set you brow hair in any brow shape by brushing in different directions. Change brow shapes (e.g. high arched, S-shaped, straight, soft angled or even round brows) to match your daily look anytime!

  • Cruelty-free
  • Sweat & Waterproof

  • Net Content: 10g
  • Size: 3.4 x 6cm


  • 1 x GlamMe™ Brow Styling Soap