Frizzy Hair Smoothing Spray

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The Frizzy Hair Smoothing Spay is what to need to fix your messy hair. With the natural jojoba oil ingredient, it can soften and smooth your hair in a short time. Also, it can help moisture replenishing. It is a product your hair will thank you for! 

The spray can be applied to various types of hairs like dry & damaged hair, color treatment hair and also curly hair etc. The light scent of perfume can make you shine in the crowd.


  • Fix Frizzy Hair: It can fix your frizzy hair by softening and smoothing hair just in few seconds. You can gain better result with using comb.

  • Replenish Hair Moisture: It penetrates into the hair and restore moisture of dry hair.

  • Increase Hair Volume: For those who want volumized hair, it can pump up your hair and give you a head-full of texture with a natural look.

  • Refreshing Perfume Formular: A floral scent is added to the spray to give you a fresh style.
  • Organic & Natural Ingredient: It is made of pure organic jojoba oil which is a natural ingredient that makes your hair healthy without harmful chemicals.

  • Wide Application: The spray is perfectly suitable for various types of hair such as dry hair, fine hair, damaged hair or color treated hair.

  • Ingredient: Jojoba Oil 
  • Volume: 150ml


  • 1 x Silky Smooth Frizzy Hair Spay